Recommended actions to be taken

Jonathan Clive Stephenson - Wendy Stephenson - Sunmart

Use the law
 👉 Use the law
  1. Contact a lawyer or debt collector to act on your behalf
    Engage the services of a lawyer / debt collector to assist with recovering your money.
    If possible, find other victims and form a “class-action” where legal costs are shared.

  2. Send a letter of demand to Jonathan Clive Stephenson
    Send a letter of demand that sets clear dates for completion/delivery of outstanding work.
    Request a refund by clear dates.
    This sets due dates.
    Once due dates expire proceed with steps below.

  3. Lodge a fraud case with the South African Police Service (SAPS)
    Go to your local SAPS police station and open a case of fraud for SAPS to investigate.
    Get a SAPS case number.
    A lawyer will be best to advise.

  4. Make use of debt collector services
    Council for debt collectors
    Some debt collection service will work on a pro-rata amount.

  5. Default Judgement
    The debt collector / lawyer can ask the courts for a default judgement and sale in execution order.

  6. Credit Bureau
    Report Jonathan Clive Stephenson & Wendy Stephenson to credit bureaus

  7. Report Sunsmart to South African Revenue Service (SARS) for Suspicious Activity
    All business that issue invoices with a VAT number need to be registered with SARS and pay VAT and PAYE.
    You can report Suspicious Activity to SARS via the below link:
    Reports can be done using your identification or anonymously.

    Use the taxman
     👉 Use the taxman

  8. Post your experince on Social Media
    Warn others by posting reviews on HelloPeter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, etc.

If you have a tip off, suggestions, additional information please send an email to

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